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Ah Friday, my favourite day of the week!

Not just because the working week is finally over, but because it means we can flee from the noise of the city, leaving behind the schedules and stress, and get to the sanctuary of my holiday home in the calming surroundings of North Wales.

It’s our little piece of bliss!



It’s always exciting to get back to our piece of coast again. We make an early start, so we can enjoy every second weekend.

Passing through the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, I feel the grey, dull city wash from my hair with every mile passed. I soak up the majestic mountains, bathed in green.

Then, finally, the first glimpse of the coast, an experience that takes me right back to every childhood holiday I’ve ever had.

We reach the holiday home. Our holiday home. It still feels good saying that!

I throw down the bags and step back outside, breathing in the fresh sea air. I feel my head clear, and the tension I’ve been carrying in my shoulders all week slowly eases.

Looking across at the beaming smile on my partner’s face, I know there’s one thing we must do straight away – feel the sand under our feet!

The beach never fails to impress. There are stunning views wherever we look, and the smells and sounds of the coast speak to the ancient part of our brains.

Shoes and socks off, we wander across the warm sand to the cooling water, letting it lap at our feet. We listen to the rhythmic sounds of the tide as it eases that last bit of tension away.

Toes dipped, it’s time to explore a coastal walk. The rugged path takes us to another world as we breathe in the sights and sounds of nature.

It’s good to spend time together, us and the chattering gulls circling above.

A pretty seaside village gives us a chance to soak up some local history and nourish our hunger. Why is it that your appetite is always bigger next to the sea?

After an amazing meal of fresh, local seafood and a glass or two of wine to wash it down, we wander slowly back to our home. We go the long way, soaking up some more picturesque scenery as the light fades.

Reaching our home, we enjoy the chance to unwind in our own space and get a well-earned sleep ready for another day.



I wake up feeling much more relaxed than I do in the city. We have a leisurely breakfast and get ready to take on some more of North Wales.

Our first port of call is one of the many well-preserved castles that are scattered around this area.

The impressive stone fortress takes our imagination back in time, and we wonder what life must have been like for the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.

The seaside calls us again, this time for more than a toe-dip.

Grabbing a quick snack from the seafront, we wander onto the golden sands to soak up some rays before plunging neck-deep into the clear water of Cardigan Bay.

Laughing and shivering, we warm up on the sand, watching the surfers take on the waves in the distance.

On our way back, we travel once more through Snowdonia National Park, still amazed by the breathtaking views right on our doorstep.

Our holiday home is a welcome sight.

We spend some time in the park’s luxurious steam room and jacuzzi. There’s nothing quite like it for soothing the body after a busy day!

Then, we headed to the local pub for another hearty meal and a relaxing drink. 

The perfect end to a perfect day.

It’s Sunday night now.

Although returning to our normal lives is slowly entering into our deeply relaxed thoughts, peace of mind kicks in.

We know this isn’t just a short break to enjoy once a year, but something we can choose to do anytime we please.

With so much of Wales still left unexplored, there are so many more adventures still to be had.

Roll on next Friday!

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