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Here at Pritchard Leisure, we’re all about transparency and making sure our customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand the 15-year rule and its implications for holiday home ownership.

We often receive questions about this rule, and we believe it’s essential to address them openly and honestly!

We also appreciate that when not properly understood, this rule can raise eyebrows and appear as just a sales-mechanism, which is especially the case when customers [wrongly] compare a holiday caravan to a brick holiday home or a residential caravan park. As the old saying goes, this is like comparing apples with pears… (we’ll discuss this in more detail in a future blog article)

So, whether you’re a seasoned holiday home owner or considering purchasing your first static caravan, read on to learn everything you need to know about the 15-year rule and why choosing one of our Pritchard Leisure Holiday Parks is the best decision for your investment.


Understanding the 15-Year Rule

The 15-year rule is an important aspect to consider when buying a static caravan for use on a holiday park (once again, please note this is very different to a residential park).

Essentially, many holiday parks or sites operate under a license agreement that restricts the age of caravans allowed on the premises.

This rule is in place for safety, quality, and aesthetic reasons.

*Note: At both our Holiday Parks – Madryn Castle & Sarnfaen – you will enjoy an extended 30 year license with every twin unit Lodge! 

At Pritchard Leisure, we believe in transparency and honesty. That’s why we want to ensure our customers fully understand the 15-year rule and its implications.

When you choose to invest in a holiday home with us, you can rest assured knowing that we operate within these guidelines to maintain the highest standards for our parks.

Madryn Castle Holiday Park, our award-winning hidden gem on the iconic Llŷn Peninsula

Why Does This Rule Exist?

You might be wondering why holiday parks enforce the 15-year rule on static caravans. The reasoning behind this rule is multifaceted, with considerations for safety, quality, and aesthetics.

First and foremost, safety is paramount. As static caravans age, they may become more prone to structural issues and wear & tear. This can be exacerbated by local weather patterns and their positioning on a park, for example being close to sea will speed up corrosion and being exposed to strong winds might encourage wear to cladding, guttering, windows and roofs.

By limiting the lifespan of caravans on the park, holiday park operators can ensure that all accommodations meet safety standards and provide a secure environment for owners & guests.

Additionally, maintaining the overall quality and appearance of the park is essential for creating an enjoyable experience for all visitors, as well as attracting certain demographics of customers. 

“My Holiday Park doesn’t have an age limit for caravans…”

…We certainly won’t deny that we take a lot of pride in the way our holiday parks appear to our owners and guests – making a long-lasting positive first impression and consistently maintaining that standard, is extremely important to how we wish to conduct ourselves.

We invest a lot of time, energy and money (and blood, sweat and tears) into keeping our parks looking a certain way, aiming to attract a certain type of customer who we hope will share the same values and priorities as ourselves.

And in turn, we hope that by attracting the right customers it will lead to more nourishing & long-lasting relationships between ourselves, as the happy years of holidaying on our parks roll by. 


Another significant factor… is that newer caravans often come equipped with modern amenities and features that enhance the holiday experience. By refreshing the stock regularly, holiday parks can attract new owners & more guests, and maintain our reputation as desirable destinations for leisure.

Whilst many modern caravans are built to last, they’re often installed with appliances that aren’t – and whilst these can be replaced, the advances in technology that can occur over a 15 – 30 year lifespan might mean that when the time comes, it is simply not feasible or cost-effective to re-fit an old unit.

For example, consider that in 30 years time from now a holiday park that currently relies heavily on gas for energy & heating may be running on 100% wind and solar – and the effort and cost involved in re-installing new appliances, piping, wiring etc. to suit more modern systems’ needs.  

Ultimately, the 15-year rule serves to protect both guests and the integrity of the holiday park, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and visually appealing environment for everyone.

Our well maintained grounds are perfectly complimented by modern holiday homes and stylishly designed pitches


Understanding the 15 year rule and being prepared for what happens next, will give you the best possible return on your old holiday home when it comes to either selling it or upgrading. 


Suggestions for Maintaining Your Holiday Home

Ultimately, as the outright owner of your holiday home you are responsible for regular checks and maintenance of your caravan or lodge. The more pro-active you are, the more likely your pride and joy will stay looking fresh and working effectively – and consequently the higher value your holiday home will retain should you need to sell it in the future.

Neglecting to look after your holiday home or making sufficient annual checks, can quickly exacerbate small snags into bigger and equally more costly problems.

A common example of this is not cleaning out guttering or cleaning debris from roofs, resulting in poor drainage or a blockage, which if left unattended or unnoticed can start leaking through to the interior, resulting in costly water damage – OUCH!

Remember, it is generally your responsibility to make these checks, not the holiday park!

However, many parks such as ourselves, will offer customers various options and additional services to help you maintain your holiday home and pitch.

Regular Cleaning: Keep your holiday home clean and tidy by regularly vacuuming carpets, dusting surfaces, and wiping down kitchen and bathroom areas. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt, mould and grime and ensures a comfortable stay for you and your guests.

Inspection and Maintenance: Conduct regular inspections of your holiday home to check for any signs of wear and tear or damage (we recommend at least twice a year during Spring & Autumn, when the seasons change).

Address any issues promptly to prevent them from worsening over time. This includes checking for leaks, inspecting appliances, and ensuring that doors and windows are in good working condition.

Particular areas worth more regular inspection include:

  • Underneath your caravan – debris, litter, dry leaves and branches will act as kindling in the event of a fire. For this reason, most insurers will void a policy if it is determined that anything inappropriate (kayaks, bodyboards, garden furniture, kid’s toys) have been stored beneath a caravan or lodge or even below the decking.
  • Roofs and gutters – time to get the step ladder out, this is one of the most common reasons for easily-avoidable damage occurring to your holiday home. 
  • Air vents – manufacturers strategically place air vents inside your accommodation to ensure a steady airflow and avoid issues such as damp and mould. Blocking or covering these vents can cause condensation and lead to much nastier problems. 


Winterisation: Prepare your holiday home for the winter months by properly winterising the plumbing system (what we call a ‘draindown’) and protecting outdoor furniture and fixtures from the elements. This helps prevent freezing pipes and damage caused by cold weather conditions.

As part of our included services, we offer all our holiday home owners one draindown each year towards the start of winter and reconnection around the start of the new season. For more specific information about Winterisation, check out our this useful blog.

Landscaping: Maintain the outdoor area around your holiday home by keeping lawns mowed, gardens tended, and pathways clear. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also avoids safety hazards and will help minimise environmental wear & tear to your holiday home.

If you have trees or large overhanging shrubs on your pitch, try to keep them pruned back to avoid them having contact with your holiday home, particularly with windows, gutters and roofs.

Regular Servicing: Schedule regular servicing by trained professionals for the essential systems and appliances in your holiday home, such as heating and cooling systems, gas appliances, and electrical wiring. This helps ensure that everything is in good working order and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. 

*Important note: Many insurers will require proof of regular maintenance and evidence such as officially certified gas & electric safety inspection records should be kept safe. 

By following these suggested actions, you can help maintain the value and enjoyment of your holiday home for years to come.


So, What Happens After 15 Years? – read on to find out…

An old Static Caravan being lifted off its pitch at Madryn Castle, ready for a shiny new upgrade.

Once a static caravan reaches the 15-year mark, you might be wondering what happens next. Most parks will require older caravans to be removed from the premises, and at Pritchard Leisure, we offer a hassle-free alternative: upgrading to a new holiday home.

We offer our customers a few different options for earning equity for their old caravans to use towards their upgrade, which might differ from other Parks so it’s worth checking this before you purchase your new holiday home.

Here are the main options we offer:

  • Privately sell your holiday home offsite – you could advertise it on places like Facebook marketplace (don’t forget to agree who will cover the costs for disconnection and transportation).
  • Take it home with you – in some cases, owners can [understandingly] become quite attached to their old caravans, or find use for it back at their own private residence (if they’re lucky enough to have the space for it!)
  • Request a trade price from the holiday park – we work with a number of caravan traders and dealerships who will survey your holiday home before making an offer based on the condition of the caravan and the current 2nd hand market. Generally these offers cover the cost of transportation, you just need to cover the disconnection costs.

*Top Tip: If you 100% know you will not be staying at your holiday park or upgrading the holiday home on your pitch once the licence ends, you will generally earn a better price selling it on park to a new customer 2 – 3 years before the licence ends, as the re-sale value will include the final few years of usage remaining on the license, and of course the additional option to keep the pitch and upgrade once the licence ends.

Assuming you want to stay on your current holiday park, upgrading your holiday home after 15 years comes with a host of benefits.

Firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all the modern amenities and features that newer caravans have to offer, much the same as when you upgrade your car or a tourer. From spacious layouts to state-of-the-art appliances, upgrading ensures that your holiday experience remains comfortable and enjoyable.

Additionally, upgrading allows you to customize your holiday home to better suit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for extra space for the family or specific features like a deck or patio area, upgrading gives you the freedom to create your ideal home away from home. 

A common example with families where children have grown up and no longer visit as often, includes downsizing from a larger lodge, or changing the spec from three small bedrooms to two larger ones. 

New innovations and modern advances in technology are rapidly shaping the developments to holiday homes, much quicker than during previous decades.

At Pritchard Leisure, we make the upgrading process seamless and hassle-free.

Our team will work with you every step of the way to find the perfect new holiday home that meets your requirements and budget. Plus, with our competitive pricing and flexible part-exchange options, upgrading is more affordable than you might think.

So, when your static caravan approaches its 15-year milestone, consider the benefits of upgrading to a new holiday home with Pritchard Leisure. It’s the perfect way to refresh your holiday experience and continue making memories for years to come!

Our holiday home owners enjoying their Holiday Lodge at Sarnfaen Holiday Park


At Pritchard Leisure, we’re more than just a holiday park operator—we’re a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our customers.

From our commitment to transparency and ethical business practices to our dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re here to make your holiday dreams a reality.

When it comes to choosing the perfect holiday home, understanding the 15-year rule is essential.

At Pritchard Leisure, we’re committed to helping you navigate this process with ease and confidence. With our stunning holiday parks, competitive prices, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, there’s no better choice for your next investment.

Choose Pritchard Leisure and make your holiday dreams a reality today.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us to learn more about our holiday parks and start your journey towards owning your own piece of North Wales paradise.

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