10 Reasons why we Holiday/Travel

We all love a holiday, but why? Here's some of the common reasons...
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People travel on holiday for various reasons, and the motivations behind traveling can differ from person to person.

Let’s face it, for many of us annual holidays/time off are the moments we dream of when we need a little extra motivation during a bad day at work, or when day to day life feels boring and mundane. 


Here are some common reasons why people choose to travel for holidays:


1) Exploration and Adventure: Many people travel to explore new places, experience different cultures, and seek adventure. They have a desire to discover the unknown, visit iconic landmarks, and engage in thrilling activities.

Summit of Yr Wyddfa (Mt. Snowdon) in Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park


2) Relaxation and Escape: Traveling provides an opportunity to take a break from the daily routine and escape the stresses of work or personal life. People often travel to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy leisure activities in a new environment.

The Pritchard Lodge with its Private Hot Tub, exclusively at Madryn Castle


3) Cultural Immersion: Traveling allows individuals to immerse themselves in different cultures, traditions, and customs. They can interact with locals, try authentic cuisine, and gain a deeper understanding of the world’s diversity.

Welsh National Eisteddfod, an annual festival celebrating Welsh culture, food & music. Being held for 2023 in Boduan beside Madryn Castle 5th – 12th August


4) Education and Learning: Traveling offers valuable educational experiences. People can visit historical sites, museums, and landmarks to learn about art, history, and architecture firsthand. They can also engage in language immersion programs or participate in workshops and courses abroad.

Nant Gwrtheryn, Welsh culture & language centre on the Llŷn Peninsula, located within the stunning grounds of an old quarry


5) Personal Growth: Traveling can be a transformative experience that fosters personal growth. It helps individuals step out of their comfort zones, develop self-confidence, and gain a broader perspective on life. It can also encourage independence and self-discovery.


6) Building Relationships: Traveling with family, friends, or loved ones creates opportunities for bonding and strengthening relationships. Shared experiences and creating lasting memories can deepen connections and create stronger bonds.

Family enjoying their holiday home lodge at Sarnfaen Holiday Park


7) Business and Professional Opportunities: Traveling for business purposes is common, allowing individuals to attend conferences, meet clients, establish partnerships, or explore new markets.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also a better understanding of the benefits to flexible & remote working and many people now use holiday homes as their part time office, allowing them space & privacy to focus on productivity, as well as a healthier balance of leisure time.


8) Nature and Adventure: Many people travel to experience the beauty of nature and engage in outdoor activities. They seek thrilling adventures like hiking, wildlife safaris, scuba diving, or exploring natural wonders such as mountains, waterfalls, or national parks.

Llanddwyn Island is home to the Newborough Warren Nature Reserve, where there are many miles of walking trails and paths to explore


9) Food and Culinary Experiences: Traveling exposes individuals to a wide array of culinary delights. Trying local cuisine and exploring food markets and restaurants are popular reasons for travel. Food tourism has become a significant trend in recent years.

Barmouth Food Festival takes place on 2nd July 2023, many of the local food shops and cafes will be joining in with their own specials to create a Barmouth Taste Trail


10) Escape from Weather: Some individuals travel to escape the weather conditions in their home regions. They may seek warmer climates during winter or cooler destinations during hot summers. Many people choose to escape busy cities & towns, preferring less developed or coastal areas where you feel closer to nature, especially during the changing seasons.

North Wales is blessed with plenty of gorgeous beaches to cool off during the hot summer months



Ultimately, the reasons why people travel are as diverse as the individuals themselves. It can be a means of self-expression, a quest for personal fulfillment, an opportunity for growth, or simply a way to create unforgettable memories.

Our two Five-star Escapes in North Wales Madryn Castle & Sarnfaen offer travellers and holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy leisure time in some of the most unique and picturesque landscapes here in the UK, where you’ll find mountains, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, quaint fishing villages, popular seaside towns and plenty to fulfill your wanderlust.


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